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Nooteboom Textiles at JITAC

Date: 17 oktober – 19 oktober (17 oktober om 9:00 tot 19 oktober om 18:00)

Location: Bellesalle Shibuya Garden, 16-17 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

3 years has passed since JITAC(Japan Imported Textiles Agency Council) had been authorized as a cooperative organization. Now the time has come to renew the organization more attractive and vital. We make this theme possible by integrating full experienced staff with young energetic members. 
With increasing nember of visitors, we are glad to say that the JITAC European Textile Fair, taken place twice a year, has become a significant role to see where the world fashion trend is heading thanks to Premiere Vision and all suppliers' great supports.

In the so-called software business such as designing and creation, European fabric has a great influence and undoubtedly it has witnessed as finest quality ever.

Fabric mirrors its history and culture. In Europe, any viewing or small irregularities on the fabric are part to design and they represent the guarantee that all products are original creation. In comparison to this, the Japanese fabrics is very precise and tends to express even every single detail.

This fact can be a main reason why the European fabric has a high popularity all over the world. Namely, the fabric are more flexible and can be fitted into all design fields like rich, elegant or casual.

However, today's economic situation that the Euro is gaining strength against the Yen put importer and apparel manufactures in a very difficult position. For us agents, too, present situation is really unfavorable. They say garment cost in a market has a limit and only way for the apparel companies to cut down the cost is in material, despite cheap Yen, this is a real headache.

Moreover, we must point out Agent Territory problem that arises recently. Along with growing garment importation in our country, we are seeing cases where our suppliers do direct trade with garment manufactures in 3rd countries and then, we find here manufactured goods made of fabrics from our suppliers, without our knowing that fact.

Since we have been in borderless trading age, we don't think we could return to old system like through importer, wholesaler, apparel company, to inland sewing manufacturer. But we are wondering if there is any solution to this delicate problem. Of course, some agents are doing well in controlling market by getting suppliers' understanding.

In such adverse circumstances, though, we are seeing new way of business. For example, finding a business possibility in export of quality fabrics of Japanese suppliers can be new type of business that we could offer by using our know-how as being textile agent.

We will try our best to create attractive fairs.

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